From The Tiny Institute of Peace, With Love

Bunny San Tachi

Bunny San Tachi is a Nagasaki based (formerly Mojave Desert based) arts entity that hosts a flexible creative residency/grant called the Tiny Arts Prize and a yearly micro-event on the summer solstice called The Shortest Night of the Year at their HQ, The Tiny Institute of Peace.

The Tiny Arts Prize is offered to artists from around the world doing creative and unique things, especially those of lesser means and especially those from denser, louder city environments. One of the ideas is to see how existing in a quieter, more open space effects ones mind and creative output. You are welcome to contact us through our sibling entity PatternBased with any ideas. Keep in mind that the covid pandemic and righteous unrest of 2020-2022 are changing the parameters quickly but we are always open to ideas. If you happened upon this page, it might be for a reason. Feel free to hit us up.

Our most recent residency was in November 2019 when Shinya Sugimoto came to the desert and co-scored the film Dream Mountain. Dream Mountain is a beautiful film about mountaineer, explorer and mother Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita. The output of the residency is a collection of music we are calling Mountains, which is the extended soundtrack to the film and can be heard here.

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